Dec 11, 2010


I am a Primary teacher at church, as such I don't get to attend the 'adult" meetings very often, but I received one of those special days and it was so rewarding to me.

I've been reading in the first 2000 years by Cleon Skousen about idolary and the worship of things other than the Lord. So when I attended Gospel Doctrine and the lesson was on Isaiah 40-49 talking about idolary and the things we put before God I was truly humbled.

My hubby leaned over to me and asked me what idols I had. I remarked that I wasn't sure since I'm not rich, famous, don't watch tv, movies, listen to the radio, or own anything worth anything. But our teacher refered us to a talk by President Kimball so I told him I would read the talk and let him know since I am SURE that there are several idols that I need to work on.

The talk is called The False God's We Worship by Spencer W Kimball dated June 1976.

In 1976 I was 3, so that might have been the only time in my life where I was not idolatrous. But as I read his words I was touched as to thoughts that have been stirring in my heart recently.

We have been dejunking our house, again, and again, and again and wondering how does all of this stuff keep coming in..stealing our time and our talents and our energy when it is not important? How do I seem to never have enough time and resources to help others? How do I become a wise steward? How do I teach my children to be wise stewards and to take care of those blessings they receive from the Lord.

President Kimball sure gave a good answer: "The Lord gave us a choice world and expects righteousness and obedience to His commandments in return. But when I review the performance of THIS people in comparison with what is expected, I am appalled and frightened. Iniquity seems to abound. The Destroyer seems to be taking full advantage of the time remaining to him in this, the great day of his power....The Brethren constantly cry out against that which is intolerable in the sight of the Lord; against pollution of mind, body and our surroundings; against vulgarity, stealing, lying, pride, and blasphemy; against fornication, adultery, homosexuality, and all other abuses of the sacred power to create; against murder and all that is like unto it; against all manner of desecration."

I don't know about you but when a prophet says words like appalled and frightened when referring to the saints in the church it makes me a little nervous...and lets be honest this was over 30 years ago, now days you cannot even speak homosexuality without receiving 150000 letters condeming you for preaching the Lord's truth.

Oh, and then he goes on...."That such a cry should be necessary among a people so blessed is amazing to me. And that such things should be found even among the Saints to some degree is scarcely believable, for these are a people who are in possession of many gifts of the Spirit, who have knowledge that puts the eternities into perspective, who have been shown the way to eternal life."

Okay, that one hurts! How can I engage in idolatry with all the blessings I have been blessed with and with all of the knowledge that I have about God's plan and exactly what he expects from me. How could the children of Israel murmur against the Lord when he guided them by a cloud during the day and a pilar of fire at night, when he blessed them with manna for 40 years, and yet they did, and so do I. I too forget my blessings, forget the many mighty miracles that touch my heart, forget the tender mercies He has shown to me and my family.

So, back to my pondering....what do I do about this problem of stuff, money, investments, things of this world? President Kimball does not mince words about this either. Here is the short list of things he specificall pointed out from the talk that we should use our blessings for: "Forgotten is the fact that our assignment is to use these many resources in our families and quorums to build up the kingdom of God—to further the missionary effort and the genealogical and temple work; to raise our children up as fruitful servants unto the Lord; to bless others in every way, that they may also be fruitful. Instead, we expend these blessings on our own desires, and as Moroni said, “Ye adorn yourselves with that which hath no life, and yet suffer the hungry, and the needy, and the naked, and the sick and the afflicted to pass by you, and notice them not.”

That too may be a little painful as we rush about doing our Christmas shopping and planning and preparations to make a "perfect day" of our own desire. When my blessings should be used to:

Build up the kingdom of God

Bless others

Missionary efforts

Bless others

Temple and Geneological work

Raising Children

I think that all of these categories are listed on my LDS tithing slip


Fast Offerings

Ward Missionary

General Missionary

Humanitarian Aid

Temple Construction

Perpetual Education Fund

What a blessing to be able to go each Sunday and pick up a little slip of paper that reminds me of exactly what the Lord wishes me to do with my blessings. And once a month that little slip of paper is even delivered conveniently to my door. Which blessings am I giving back to Him and His work.

President Kimball says many other profound and thought provoking things about the military and service in the church and overcoming our economic weakness' but I don't want to go on and on quoting him, so I'll just share his closing thoughts and a few of my own inadequate and not so profound ones.

"the blessings begin to far outweigh the cost of leaving “the world” behind. Herein lies the only true happiness, and therefore we invite and welcome all men, everywhere, to join in this work. For those who are determined to serve the Lord at all costs, this is the way to eternal life. All else is but a means to that end. "

He says the way to overcome our idolatry is faith. It takes faith to leave the world behind. It takes faith to not worry about the "costs" we face all around us. It takes faith to give our whole hearts and souls to His well as our means, time and talents. I need this kind of faith. I desire to be on the path to eternal life.

If I put something else beside the Lord first in my life it doesn't really matter what it is that I put there: money, prestige, fame, my own plan and desires, popularity, acceptance, the easy way, etc.

So, what is my idolatry? Selfishness, and lack of faith...and a few hundred other things :) What a blessing it is to see my weakness' and to know that the Lord can turn them into strengths and use them for His purposes. I will be praying this Christmas season for a new heart and a renewed faith and a greater desire to put the Lord first in all ways in my life.

Dec 10, 2010

Little Ones

It has been 7 long years since we've had a little one come and bless our family. 7 years ago I had twins. It is a lot of work to have twins. I also had a 4 year old and a 2 year old. It is a lot of work to have twins.

When my twins were 4 I started thinking about maybe having another baby. Our family was so lovely. Two boys, two girls. Everyone had a friend. But I felt that desire, that urge for another little one to come to our home.

But, we couldn't have another. We did all the tests and the doctor all but's not going to happen without medication, surgery, assistance from us. I just wasn't interested in going that route. I decided that the Lord had blessed me with four glorious children and that I shouldn't be greedy in demandind that He bless me with more.

We looked into adoption, we looked into foster care, we kept trying on our own, but nothing changed. For some things it wasn't the right time, for others it was just not an option. Sometimes I would be reminded to count my many blessings and just be grateful.

Then our little visitor came. He is such a joy. He is happy and full of life. And dear hub has just grown attached to this little spirit that has brightened our home. He told me how he had forgotten what it was like to have a little one and how much he enjoyed being a Dad. And then it happened. Two weeks later I discovered the marvelous blessing. We are going to have another little life join our home.

It has been a rough five months. I know, I can't belileve I'm five months along and just now blogging about it, but I didn't want to write about all the hard things and all the sorrow and suffering, so I chose to write know that thing your mother always told you, If you don't have anything nice to say, don't say anything at all... But I do feel a need to be grateful and to share our joy.

We are going to have a baby girl the first of May. The children are all excited. I'm excited and terrified all at the same has been seven years! It has been like having a first child all over again, we gave away everything so we have been scouring the thrift stores and compiling a huge list of names that will be impossible to choose from. Dud, my 9yo, put the crib together this week and the girls washed and decorated it to perfection. It was fun to work together on a common cause. All my babies were babies together, what a blessing it is to be a family getting ready for a baby together.

Despite all the challenges and trials I am so grateful for this gift from God. He truly is good and merciful and amazes me with His blessings. I am so unworthy of all of them. It is a blessing to be able to look through the bad and the hard and see that it is all a blessing from Him who knows us best of all.

ps. we are only asking for one more small favor...maybe she could have red hair :)