Dec 10, 2010

Little Ones

It has been 7 long years since we've had a little one come and bless our family. 7 years ago I had twins. It is a lot of work to have twins. I also had a 4 year old and a 2 year old. It is a lot of work to have twins.

When my twins were 4 I started thinking about maybe having another baby. Our family was so lovely. Two boys, two girls. Everyone had a friend. But I felt that desire, that urge for another little one to come to our home.

But, we couldn't have another. We did all the tests and the doctor all but's not going to happen without medication, surgery, assistance from us. I just wasn't interested in going that route. I decided that the Lord had blessed me with four glorious children and that I shouldn't be greedy in demandind that He bless me with more.

We looked into adoption, we looked into foster care, we kept trying on our own, but nothing changed. For some things it wasn't the right time, for others it was just not an option. Sometimes I would be reminded to count my many blessings and just be grateful.

Then our little visitor came. He is such a joy. He is happy and full of life. And dear hub has just grown attached to this little spirit that has brightened our home. He told me how he had forgotten what it was like to have a little one and how much he enjoyed being a Dad. And then it happened. Two weeks later I discovered the marvelous blessing. We are going to have another little life join our home.

It has been a rough five months. I know, I can't belileve I'm five months along and just now blogging about it, but I didn't want to write about all the hard things and all the sorrow and suffering, so I chose to write know that thing your mother always told you, If you don't have anything nice to say, don't say anything at all... But I do feel a need to be grateful and to share our joy.

We are going to have a baby girl the first of May. The children are all excited. I'm excited and terrified all at the same has been seven years! It has been like having a first child all over again, we gave away everything so we have been scouring the thrift stores and compiling a huge list of names that will be impossible to choose from. Dud, my 9yo, put the crib together this week and the girls washed and decorated it to perfection. It was fun to work together on a common cause. All my babies were babies together, what a blessing it is to be a family getting ready for a baby together.

Despite all the challenges and trials I am so grateful for this gift from God. He truly is good and merciful and amazes me with His blessings. I am so unworthy of all of them. It is a blessing to be able to look through the bad and the hard and see that it is all a blessing from Him who knows us best of all.

ps. we are only asking for one more small favor...maybe she could have red hair :)


  1. HURRAY!!! My SIL is in the same boat - 4 kids, two girls, two boys, hasn't been able to have any more for one reason or another and is now expecting again due the end of May. It's been seven years for her too.

    I am a sucker for red-headed children!!!

  2. Congratulations Buzy! What a wonderful blessing!

    Our baby is (we have 4) eight. Sad. Sigh. They grow up so fast. I feel that we are suppose to have two more. I've heard the same things. I need surgery, etc. We've had one failed adoption and continue to have an active home study after six years.

    My husband asked me yesterday what I wanted for Christmas. I said, "a baby." Your story has given me hope to not give up. Someday, the Lord will bless us if it's His will. In the meantime I continue to thank God for my four special spirits because they are indeed a wonderful gift and I am truly blessed.

    I am thinking of you and I am so happy for you!

  3. I'm so happy for you! And wouldn't red hair be lovely? I have four I dyed my own hair red for a while. Now I've just accepted the fact that I'm not a redhead. I hope the rest of the pregnancy goes well.

  4. My baby is also eight, and I would also love a baby for Christmas. I also looked into foster care/adoption, but it's never felt right, yet. I love hearing these hopeful stories! If I'm ever blessed with more children, it'll be just like starting over- having an old and young family!

  5. Oh, I'm so excited for you!! Having my first two babies was fun but having older children help get ready for a new baby is even more fun. I never wanted my children to be spaced so far apart but children are always a blessing so I'll take them however I get them!

    I hope you're feeling better. How did you do those practices and performances when you were so sick? You poor thing!!

  6. Congratulations! What a blessing! I pray that the remainder of your pregnancy will be easier. You will soon enjoy the cuddling of newborn, what a gift!

  7. Hey i'm with you sista, she's gotta have red hair, it's only fair,,, hey, maybe I need to try once more, just to see if my red hair gene can come through :o)
    Congrats and good luck!

  8. I am baffled that you think you aren't worthy of your blessings. You are amazing! I look up to you and feel that I am in a world of hurt if you feel that you are unworthy.