Jan 12, 2010

Would the world be better?

This morning for devotional we were reading a poem called "The Question"

"Were the whole world good as you-not an atom better-
Were it just as pure and true as you
Just as strong in faith and works
Just as free from crafty quirks
All extortion, all deceit;
Schemes its neighbors to defeat
Schemes it neighbors to defraud
Schemes some culpri to applaud--

Would this world be better

If the whole world followed you-followed you to the letter-
Would it be a noble world
All deceit and falsehood hurled
From it altogether;
Malice, seflishness, and lust
Banished from beneath the crust
Covering human hearts fom view-
Tell me, if it followed you
Would the world be better?"

We talked about how Christ is really the only person who it is better to follow (it helped that we were talking about Christ speaking to his disciples today and talking about how he told them he came to earth to set an example :)) and yet we can be better by thinking about what we are teaching others by our own behavior.

I think this will have to be part of my future mission statment...when I finially get the 100 things done and work on that one :) In every instance I can ask myself will the way I am feeling, behaving, choosing, leading, guiding help the world be better?

Would the world be better if it always followed me?

Jan 11, 2010

Something that won't get undone

What does that mean? I heard a wise woman say once that you should do something every day that does not get undone.

Being a mother means that many things that I do will get undone: the dishes, the laundry, the vacuuming, the cooking, the cleaning, making your bed, getting dressed...he he even fun stuff....exercising, praying, crafts, teaching, and reading. Sometimes it seems everything will have to be done over again. This feeling can get a little frustrating and also can be depressing.

So I have set a goal to do one thing a day that won't get undone...or atleast won't get undone right write on my blog, read slowly a chapter of a book and try hard to understand it, make a new recipe to see if I like it or not, start on a big project like shelving or animal pens, or square foot boxes or paint :) and then keep working on it.

It has helped me to have one thing every day that I know is not going to be undone...atleast not by tomorrow and then I can freely give myself to do the things that I need to do that are really important, but that I'm going to have to do again be with my kids, read my scriptures and clean my house.

Wrote in my blog...did something today that won't get undone! Time to get to work

Jan 7, 2010

#8 The Freedom Project

I am taking a class every other Wednesday night called the Freedom Project. We are studying the founding fathers and their writings. Last night we had a simulation on the Constitutional Convention. I learned a few things.

I learned that I know nothing compared to those men. It was hard to know even where to start...even though we have their model to follow. They made the model from scratch...from their readings, and I believe inspiration.

I learned that I don't even know enough about their model to hold an intelligent conversation about their model...better work on that.

And I learned that it is important to be more virtuous than one already is. Let me sum up:
Their constitutional convention made two compromises
1. Slavery...some states wanted to keep slavery others did not, they could not agree
2. Taxes...some states wanted less votes to determine if a tax law was passed (51% vs 67%), one could pass, some states wanted more it would be harder to pass.
The delegates for lower tax votes were against slavery, and the delegates for slavery were against lower tax votes. So they compromised and we got slavery and lower percentages to pass tax bills.

Some of the greatest problems in our country today can be linked to these two problems:
If they had decided right then and there to overcome slavery (we may have a had a civil war) the states would still be sovereign and be equal powers with the federal government. Oh what a joy that could be!-lesser federal government as the founders intended.
If they had decided right then and there that you had to have 67% of the delegates vote for a bill that affected taxes I think we would have a whole lot less bills, and taxes...and only ones that all the many delegates agreed with would pass.... "party politics" would not have as much power.

To sum up: If the founding fathers had been just a little more virtuous on these two issues where could we be today intead of where we are...slaves to a huge socialist government who has decided that the constitution was written by athiest men who are way behind the times and irrelevant to our "global" society today. So much for truth and right and principles and VIRTUE.
Okay, that was a little harsh...and I have to be in control of my self so what am I going to do about what I learned:
1. Read more of what they read...Locke, Blackstone, Montesquie
2. Study more of what they wrote..Constitution, Declaration, personal writings
3. Be more VIRTUOUS....what if my non-virtue of today causes more non-virtue tomorrow in my kids or my community? I think I can always be a little more virtuous :)

Jan 6, 2010

Great Big Monday's

So I have this silly thing...I like Monday's. I like the start over fresh and new... a brand new week with no mistakes in it. I love Monday's. Whenever I want to start something new in school or work or home I start on Monday.

New Years is like a Great Big Monday. It is like a new fresh start over that is a brand new year with no mistakes in it...yet. I am working on many new things at the start of this Great Big Monday called the new year. One thing I am working on is writing 2010. I miss the 2 O's together :( I also am working on Spending Time one on one with each of my kids each day and Reading my scriptures every day and Reading something I want to read every day, keeping the upstairs clean every day and doing something that won't get undone every day. As well as helping the children do their 5 things.

So, the whole reason I wrote this post is because I have a friend who likes to tease me about my "monday issues" and she says I'm the only person in the world who does "monday". But last night after checking my blog I went to another young ladies blog and she called new years a great big monday and has "monday issues" too. I love like minded people. Monday Issue People UNITE!

Jan 4, 2010

100 Things to Do:
1. Start a Blog.......Done Jan 4, 2010 Okay I know it's silly, but you got to write something on the list you can check off...might as well be #1

To Learn:
2. Read Jesus the Christ
3. Learn to Play the violin
4. Start a patchwork quilt
5. Learn to Play the guitar
6. Read the Whole Messiah Series
7. To Speak Spanish
8. Freedom Project Class ...Done Jan 6, 2010
9. How to birth a goat, ween a goat and milk a goat...wish me luck
10. Learn Hebrew

To Live:
11. Exercise 3 X a week for six weeks
12. Eat no processed sugar for six weeks
13. Take a nap ...Done Jan 16, 2010...I got 1/2 and hour anyway :)
14. Get a message
15. Buy more herbs and a book on how to actually use them
16. Sleep through the night without waking up, and without drugs
17. Get another years worth of food storage
18. Take the kids on a walk Done March 1, 2010
19. Play out in the snow with the kids...just to play Done Feb 23, 2010
20. Make bread...again ...Done Jan 15, 2010

To Love:
21. Finish a Patchwork Quilt for the Girls room
22. Teach Moo to Play the Piano
24. Sew Patches on Dudes Scout Shirt
25. Teach Chip and Chipper to read...I think this should count as two
26. Spend Time with Each of my kids every week day for six weeks
27. Spend Quality Time with hub every day for six weeks
28. Work on Scouts everyday with Dude till he gets his Bear
29. Sew...nope...Buy Pin Pouches Done March 2, 2010
30. Say 100 nice things to Moo, Dude, Chip and Chipper

To Leave a Legacy
31. Keep a journal...atleast once a week for six months...ouch
32. Scrapbook the rest of my printed pictures
33. Do my 5 Generations of Genealogy and then do something more
34. Take 100 some on the blog
35. Read RJB's books to kids Done March 22, 2010. Need more family history stories!
35. Hang a family picture in the kids room
36. Go to ward temple night
37. Clean Grandma R's Home
38. Visit the inlaws
39. Save 5k for a rainy day
40. Buy the Children 5 books-their own copies that are important to me & inscribe

Just to Do:
41. Paint the 2nd Floor done Feb 13....Happy Valentines to me! It looks great...thanks hub
42. Wood Floor the 2nd Floor
43. Plunge all the I get to count it every time I do it?
44. Install a wood burning stove
45. Figure out if I can knock down a wall....if I can-do it...if not...well...I'll think of something!
46. Replace the Cupboards and Countertops in the kitchen
47. Get dressed every day for 3 sweats! and if your really good you could wear makeup
48. Clean and Paint the Garage Floor
49. Clean my Room...all of it
50. Replace old blinds

To Visit:
51. Yellowstone...cause we love it so
52. more time :) and :( January 25th 2010
53. Israel....this is gonna get deleted I just know it
54. Yosemtie...cause hub really wants to go
55. visit MaMoo and see all the cool stuf
56. New see the sacred grove
57. Nauvoo....all lds people gotta go there
58. Bob and sil....because we need to
59. Tee and Allee...because we want to
60. Jay and Sis...because they always come here

To Buy:
61. A Generator
62. A New Kitchen Table February 5, Happy Valentines to me!..seems like I get lots of Valentines but I bought a black table for 250! only has one ding and fits 10 people and I love it!
63. Glass Bowls April 11, 2010
64. Stainless Steel Bowls ...Done Jan 15, 2010
65. A new Fridge
66. A new Dishwasher
67. Matress Cover for the girls April 9, 2010
68. Wood for Girls/My room
69. New Carpet for Downstairs
70. Square foot garden boxes

To Give:
71. A whole bunch of stuff to DI
72. A gift to the Bec's
73. Cookies to my 5yo class
74. Bread to others
75. Smile to 20 strangers
76. A home where the spirit is able to be
77. Something to my blog everyday, okay sometimes every day
78. The kids a day off...a holiday...with no requirements from me
79. The walls a good rub down

To Share:
80. My testimony at church
81. FEC every week with hubby (check off at 2 months)
82. Interview with kids once a month (check off at 6 months)
83. My blog with the universe
84. Clothes from my closet
85. A holiday with a stranger
86. Time reading about teenagers March 5, 2010 Do Hard things
87. A Beautiful Girlhood with Moo
88. A Hug with my kids everyday (pass off after my arms are tired)
89. $50 with someone who needs it Feb 1, 2010...Haiti relief...

To Get it Done ALREADY!
90. Fix that blasted mailbox
91. Buy a little truck to haul all the junk away March 23, 2010..Thanks Grandpa J!
92. Find out where the leak is...done Jan 23...darn furnace company :(
93. Clean the Cold Room
94. Actually Have School in the School Room
95. Go Camping
96. Grow in a greenhouse
97. Go on a Family Bike Ride
98. Teach Chip and Chipper to Ride a Bike....probably should do 98 before 97
99. Replace the old rickety gonna kill someone someday deck
100 Take a Evening Out for Yourself to do something you really want to do

To Learn, to Live, to Love, to Leave a Legacy....Covey...the rest I just threw in there :)

Jan 1, 2010


So I keep hearing three things: I need a blog, I need a mission statement and I need to write. I have been resisting all three.

I'm not really a blogger.....contrary to this blog, but I have felt a desire to create something beautiful....and although I have many other things of beauty I am working on children and my home, a blog might be a place to create beauty....I'll let you know when the final vote is in. Or if this is just deleted someday then you will know.

I'm not really good at mission statement......the whole idea of writing your plans for your life scares me. I know this is silly for a goal oriented person, but it's the committment. If I say I'm going to do it then I have to do it....If I write a mission statement then I have to do it. We'll I've been inspired by my friends to atleast do something. I was reading my sil blog and found her list of 101 things to do and I thought that I would enjoy doing something like that. 100 goals feels a whole bunch more accomplishable than one mission statement....are you rolling your eyes :)...I'll just delete all the ones I don't accomplish...mabey I should start with 50

I also have a need to work on my writing all my readings it talks about how important it is to write as well as get my own thoughts down on paper. I have never been very motivated to do this, so I am hoping this blog will be a good outlet for me to compose my crazy ideas that I can contradict later and chalk up to being young and foolish...or I'll just delete them and pretent like it never happened.

Mabey I should just delete this all right now :)