Mar 29, 2010

Talking Politics

We have been reading the Little House books this year and we are finishing up this month with Farmer Boy. I love them...can't get enough. I enjoy her writing and the many lessons that we discuss as well as the life skills we want to learn and talk about.

Which brings me to talkin politics. In the Little House books the men are always talking politics. So I was thinking about this the other day...why is it taboo in our society to talk politics? "Back in the "olden" days " when dinosaurs roamed the earth :) that was what people did when they got together...they talked about the government, the local politicians, and current events.

Which brings me to my next question's....why and when did it change? It is not politically correct to even talk politics can complain, conjoul, and ridicule each other, but don't talk's too touchy of a subject, people get to upset, it's not polite. My theory is that it is a ploy...the evil powers that be don't want us talking to each other, they don't want us to get involved, and the certainly don't want us to be informed. Genuis..just get it to be politically uncouth to talk politics, tell people it is rude to speak about politics and insinuate that others will of course loose their tempers if you bring up any subject closely related to politics.

Seems to me we should talk about the weather, the Jazz game, the issues of our spouce, or how about blood sucking vampires, but never ever ever about politics.

The weather speaks for itself...I'm not a Jazz fan...or any team for that manner...I don't talk about my spouce except to my spouce, and blood sucking vampires...hmmm...NO. So if you want to talk...Lets talk politics!

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