Apr 4, 2010

Beautiful Springtime

There are a few things I love about spring....I love the changes that the beautiful world goes through as it changes from it's winter sleep into growing life....even though I would love to live in a place where it is 80 degrees all year long, I know that I would miss the distinct changes that happen when it is spring.

Spring is in full life at our home this week. We have five little baby goats running around the backyard and two fiesty mama goats being especially protective of them and we have six anxious humans checking on them every two hours to make sure everyone is awake and happy and eating. It is a beautiful thing.

We didn't "do easter" this chocolate, no egg hiding, no easter egg hunts, no stuffed bunnies, no easter baskets, no new church clothes (although we may shop the sales for these :) )
We woke up, had egg on bread for breakfast, watched conference and listened to the beautiful talks about the Savior. It was a beautiful blessing from the Lord to have cute little fuzzy goats as "real" easter presents to teach us about caring and beauty and life.

It is beautiful how everything about spring points to Jesus Christ...birth, hope, joy, peace, growth, caring, resurrection, Life!

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