Jun 11, 2010

Outdoor Adventures- Tut Tut Looks like Rain






It's raining and raining and raining today.
I love summer rain....everyone else is complaining...all this rain lately.
The garden is growing...the grass is green...the air conditioner has sat dormant for many moons.

The Cabin Faced West Jean Fritz
I love pioneer stories...everyone else thinks they are old fashioned....except my munchkins
The end was great...I wont spoil it for is based on a true story.
The husband built a lean-to for the milking stand
I love those strong manly muscles...the do so much for me...did I mention the wood floor?
Milking in the rain is joyous now.
It was cold enough to snuggle up in a blanket
I love snuggling...all the kido's brought their blankets...I even fell asleep in the middle of the day
I hope it is cold again tomorrow :)
Tut Tut....I enjoy it when it looks like rain


  1. Oh, I love the rain also! CM said something about the only thing stopping us from being outside is not having the right clothing. I need to remember that and get outside with the kids even when it is cold! Good job Buzy.

  2. what happend to your billding blog?