Aug 4, 2010

A New Friend

We've had a sweet little visitor come to our home this past week.

He came on Friday night via a DCFS social worker.
We don't care how he came, only that he came.

He misses his mommy and his daddy. He cries himself to sleep at night, missing them. It is hard to know how to help. I tell him that it is okay that he is sad. That it is okay to miss his mom and dad. I try not to talk too much about where they are or that he cannot see them.

At first he only wants to eat things that have sugar in them. This is a BIG problem at my house. I wonder if he might starve to death before we have him a week. Luckily the bishop's wife decided she wanted to bring us dinner for our new "baby" and she brought lots of bad for you food...pop, jello, and potato chips. All the friends were in heaven. I didn't think it was so great, but since I didn't have to cook dinner I won't complain. It was very sweet of her to be so kind. Today he finally drank a smoothie. one is going to waste away!

He has taken quite a liking to Moo. She is taking the place of his big sister for the time being. She totes him around and reads him stories and changes his diaper...he is 2.

He likes hub. They like to tickle and giggle together. I'm glad when hub comes home and makes him smile.

He sure likes to talk, and talk, and talk. He doesn't stop...seriously! It is fun to have a chatter in the house. We all tend to be a little quieter.

He will be here about 8 months. We found this out today. Guess it's time to bunk the kids beds. Get him on a schedule and work on potty training. I'll have to get the toddler books out again, it has been a while.

I always call my kids friends. I don't call them kids or guys or hey you. I like to refer to them as friends. They are my special friends who I sometimes get to give instructions and teaching to. We are happy to have a new friend join our family for a little while.


  1. Aww the poor thing. How wonderful that you are able to give him love while he is separated from his family!

  2. i'm glad that you guys have him and no someone else that he doesn't know. I hope everything turns out okay!

  3. I've been catching up on your blog, it's been a while since I visited. I like to call my kids:brothers and sister. It reminds me of eternity and how we were before we came to earth, it also helps me remember to respect their adult spirits in little bodies. :o) I like your little friends comment, it is along the same line of my reasoning.