Jan 12, 2010

Would the world be better?

This morning for devotional we were reading a poem called "The Question"

"Were the whole world good as you-not an atom better-
Were it just as pure and true as you
Just as strong in faith and works
Just as free from crafty quirks
All extortion, all deceit;
Schemes its neighbors to defeat
Schemes it neighbors to defraud
Schemes some culpri to applaud--

Would this world be better

If the whole world followed you-followed you to the letter-
Would it be a noble world
All deceit and falsehood hurled
From it altogether;
Malice, seflishness, and lust
Banished from beneath the crust
Covering human hearts fom view-
Tell me, if it followed you
Would the world be better?"

We talked about how Christ is really the only person who it is better to follow (it helped that we were talking about Christ speaking to his disciples today and talking about how he told them he came to earth to set an example :)) and yet we can be better by thinking about what we are teaching others by our own behavior.

I think this will have to be part of my future mission statment...when I finially get the 100 things done and work on that one :) In every instance I can ask myself will the way I am feeling, behaving, choosing, leading, guiding help the world be better?

Would the world be better if it always followed me?

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