Jan 6, 2010

Great Big Monday's

So I have this silly thing...I like Monday's. I like the start over fresh and new... a brand new week with no mistakes in it. I love Monday's. Whenever I want to start something new in school or work or home I start on Monday.

New Years is like a Great Big Monday. It is like a new fresh start over that is a brand new year with no mistakes in it...yet. I am working on many new things at the start of this Great Big Monday called the new year. One thing I am working on is writing 2010. I miss the 2 O's together :( I also am working on Spending Time one on one with each of my kids each day and Reading my scriptures every day and Reading something I want to read every day, keeping the upstairs clean every day and doing something that won't get undone every day. As well as helping the children do their 5 things.

So, the whole reason I wrote this post is because I have a friend who likes to tease me about my "monday issues" and she says I'm the only person in the world who does "monday". But last night after checking my blog I went to another young ladies blog and she called new years a great big monday and has "monday issues" too. I love like minded people. Monday Issue People UNITE!

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