Jan 11, 2010

Something that won't get undone

What does that mean? I heard a wise woman say once that you should do something every day that does not get undone.

Being a mother means that many things that I do will get undone: the dishes, the laundry, the vacuuming, the cooking, the cleaning, making your bed, getting dressed...he he even fun stuff....exercising, praying, crafts, teaching, and reading. Sometimes it seems everything will have to be done over again. This feeling can get a little frustrating and also can be depressing.

So I have set a goal to do one thing a day that won't get undone...or atleast won't get undone right write on my blog, read slowly a chapter of a book and try hard to understand it, make a new recipe to see if I like it or not, start on a big project like shelving or animal pens, or square foot boxes or paint :) and then keep working on it.

It has helped me to have one thing every day that I know is not going to be undone...atleast not by tomorrow and then I can freely give myself to do the things that I need to do that are really important, but that I'm going to have to do again be with my kids, read my scriptures and clean my house.

Wrote in my blog...did something today that won't get undone! Time to get to work

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