Jan 1, 2010


So I keep hearing three things: I need a blog, I need a mission statement and I need to write. I have been resisting all three.

I'm not really a blogger.....contrary to this blog, but I have felt a desire to create something beautiful....and although I have many other things of beauty I am working on children and my home, a blog might be a place to create beauty....I'll let you know when the final vote is in. Or if this is just deleted someday then you will know.

I'm not really good at mission statement......the whole idea of writing your plans for your life scares me. I know this is silly for a goal oriented person, but it's the committment. If I say I'm going to do it then I have to do it....If I write a mission statement then I have to do it. We'll I've been inspired by my friends to atleast do something. I was reading my sil blog and found her list of 101 things to do and I thought that I would enjoy doing something like that. 100 goals feels a whole bunch more accomplishable than one mission statement....are you rolling your eyes :)...I'll just delete all the ones I don't accomplish...mabey I should start with 50

I also have a need to work on my writing all my readings it talks about how important it is to write as well as get my own thoughts down on paper. I have never been very motivated to do this, so I am hoping this blog will be a good outlet for me to compose my crazy ideas that I can contradict later and chalk up to being young and foolish...or I'll just delete them and pretent like it never happened.

Mabey I should just delete this all right now :)

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