Feb 24, 2010

#19 Play out in the snow with the kids, just to play

So it is February...and snowing....probably one of the last times this year.

Oh...#19! So we put on our snow bibs and hit the backyard. It was a beautiful day. The clouds were sitting so close and the world was beautiful.

My dad came over on Sunday and asked why we had all of the blankets in the backyard getting snowed on....those are the kids house's. They play "neighbors" and they go back and forth visiting each others houses and taking each other gifts...TOO cute!

We had snow smoothies, and pomegranite seeds, and snow dipped strawberries...let me tell you it was a delicious meal. I even had to eat some just to humor my neighbor Mr. Chipper

It was beautiful snow that melted away by dinner time. Good thing we went out and enjoyed the day.

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