Feb 22, 2010

# 33 Family History, 5 Generations

So I don't sleep at night. It is a rare occurance when I sleep without waking up for hours at a time. I know...I know.. everyone has an idea on how to fix that problem but I've tried them all and so now I've resorted to waiting for the Lord to heal me or having the patience to live with this affliction.

Anywhoo, I digress (hub's favorite word), the other night I was not sleeping. I usually just lay there or pray or think but I have been teaching the children about geneology during our school time lately and so I thought I would do a bit myself. You see, I've always had this question in my mind...hub and my mother share the same maiden name so we've always joked about how we are probably long lost cousins. So I decided to get on to and see what I could find. Well (drum roll please) we are but it is definately long and lost. We are actually both related to a reverend in England during the 1400's. He actually had two wives and Hub is from one wife and I'm from the other. It was really cool I was so excited I found it that I woke Hub up to tell him...he was not so excited, but hey how exciting is geneology at 3 am?

I also learned that Hub's grandma and my grandma share a maiden name as well so I've got some more searching to do :) Don't look now, but I might become a geneology nut....just what I need one more hobby to keep me up late at night :)


  1. Geneology at 3AM, Stumbling out of bed and running into closet door at 6, falling asleep on desk around 8, droopy red eyes until 4, do it all over again tomorrow. :)