Feb 22, 2010


Did you ever want to own chickens? If not I'd suggest it...atleast once. Chickens are quite hilarious little creatures...they are mischievious and diabolical as well as loyal and hard working. Recently my chickens have been hard working eating the worms out of my garden and turning up the soil in the process....who needs a roto-tiller?

It recently became legal to have chickens where I if I could only have goats :)

There is a down side to this story though. Some members of the city an effort to appease the people and to be "seen" as doing something limited who could have chickens and who could not. So only people with 1400 sq ft yards (over .3 acre) can have chickens on their property...even though chickens smell better than dogs, make less noise that dogs, cause less problems than dogs, etc.

So being the outspoken person that I rarely ever am I decided that I should say something in behalf of all those people who had worked so hard to get chickens approved without now being about to have chickens. So with shaky-knees I shared with them my appreciation for being allowed to have chickens and my sorrow for those who would not be able to. I shared with them my thoughts about government and my lack of faith in those who represent the people but forget that they are to serve the people. I mentioned that when we take away freedom from one person really we take away freedom from everyone. When we say that a person does not have the right to do something on their own property (which does not take away from anyone elses rights) freedom is the looser. I also mentioned that we sure need a little more public virtue. If I have a problem with my neighbor or my neighbor's animals I should talk to my neighbor not to the government. I can either get over my issue, bring it up with my neighbor and find a solution or I can move but I DO NOT want the government to tell me how I can or cannot act toward my neighbor or what I can or cannot do in my backyard.....the governments only job is to protect my property from my neighbor. I should mention here something I learned from a friend the other day about Chinese. Chinese is a language with different levels....pictoral, phonetical, numberical, etc so the Chinese picture for country was a man with a box around him. A man who owns property is a country...and he has the freedom to protect himself and whatever lies within his box...I believe that the US Constitution would also support this view of what a country is...a man, or a group of men, who band together to protect each other and their property. Well, we all know the end to this story, the communist party took over China, and they lost all their freedoms and slowly the character for country was is now a king in a box...interesting! When we give our government power to control our "box" we loose our freedoms.

So get a few chickens, or goats, or an extra dog...or how about look at the laws your officials are proposing or passing and ask yourself if your loosing your freedom, if someone else is telling you what you can or cannot do in your box...I think you'll be surprised by what you find...I was.

oh, and by the way, if you live in Layton never, ever, ever vote for Joyce Brown...she is a freedom, prosperity, happiness leech blech....okay that was a little harsh she still is a child of God but that doesn't mean I have to vote for her


  1. From a famous movie...

    Woman: Order, eh? Who does he think he is?

    Arthur: I am your king!

    Woman: Well I didn't vote for you!

    Arthur: You don't vote for kings.

    I wouldn't vote for her either. Anyone who can be grouchy 24/7 needs serious help.

  2. Woman: Time to move.

    Arthur: You'll have to cross the waters

    Woman: I'm okay with that...I can swim

    Arthur: Swim! You must be a WITCH!

    Woman: How does swimming make me a witch again ?!?

    Arthur: Well wood floats and you use wood to burn a witch and ducks float and if you weigh as much as a duck you must be a witch?!?...yeah, I think that's right

    Woman: This country is going to the dogs! (I mean chickens :0)