Apr 16, 2010

Boys, Toys and Joys

A few weekends ago it was the Thomas Jefferson Education Forum...Love it! It is always nice to go and renew your passion and mission for all the things there are to do.

I attended a parenting seminar on Friday put on by the Arbinger Institute. It was a review for me...things I know, but don't always do. Heather Burton was the presenter and she did a great job of being open and honest about her "boxes" and her homeschooling. It really made me think about my own home and where I can make changes in myself to facilitate changes in my home.

The keynote speaker on Saturday was Andrew Groft. It was the first time I have ever heard him speak. He was really good. He talked a lot about Latin and the root words. His title was Renaissance of Kings. He talked about how the work King comes from Kin...which really means family. And how we are all Kings and Queens over our own homes. And that as Kings and Queens over our own homes we have certian responsibilities and roles to fill. My favorite part was when he talked about Virtue. I was very inspired by his words. He said the root for virtue actually means To Do What You Were Meant to Do. I have always been passionate about virtue. And yet, now that I know a little more of what it means I'm even more passionate about it. Sometimes we may think virtue is a passive thing...not doing, saying, or thinking things that are immoral, but when we think of virtue as doing something...and not just something...doing the thing you were MEANT TO DO. Wow! That looks so different to me. I want to be more virtuous and true to my roles as a Queen of my home.
My first class on Saturday was The Visual Aid that Changed everything...I won't say much about this class because it was not a great presentation, but I was interested because I have been lurking about her website and trying to gather information so her presentation clinched for me the need to get her book and learn the things she is teaching...I'll let you know more after I'm finished reading next year :)
My second class was called: How to teach boys and other people who want to build forts all day...Wonderful!. He actually talked about how men are different from boys are different from girls. His information is taken from a man named Sax.

For example did you know that boy's cochlea in their ear is actually shaped differently from women. It is actually shaped so that it is difficult for boys to hear sounds that are high pitched or if you son is not listening to you he really may not be hearing you...speak louder and lower and see if that helps :)

Another example is that boys and girls actually see differently. Men have more rods and women have more cones. Rods see action and movement and Cones see texture and color. So if your son cannot match his clothes or see things unless they are a little dance, sing a loud song and just help him pick out his clothes :)

Another example he shared is how we draw or write. Boys draw like they see...verbs and adverbs...movement and action. I had to laugh at this one because the other day Chipper was drawing in his autograph book and he drew like six pictures that looked to me like scribbles but then he told me the story...airplane crash, parachute, hut, kill bear, eat bear...action action action. Girls draw and write in nouns and, family, tree, road, mountains, sun. If you want your boys to write add more action, for girls add some descriptions :)

Another is how we react to pain. They did a terrible experiement on men and women...poor starving college students...and took them to the brink of pain where they couldn't take anymore and then they took a picture of their brain. Men's brains showed an increase in blood flow to the brain during pain...women brains showed a decrease in blood flow to the brain during pain. He said, "So there may be some relevence to spanking your sons"....they "see" more clearly after pain. but spaking your girls actually works the opposite...." waaaa...why did you hit me?"...they actually loose the ability to think clearly. He pointed out how this works well for survival of the species...Men need to think more clearly to escape or fight during painful situations...Women need to forget the pain that they feel (childbirth) to continue the species.

I really enjoyed the class and I learned to see my boys differently and be more patient with some things....and with hubbies too :)

One of the other classes I really enjoyed was taught by Kerri Tibbets about Core Phase. Lara Gallagher recommended that everyone go to her class...and boy was it packed! She talked about what she does in her home to help her kids. I am writing another whole post on her theory so check there if you are interested....basically she said get rid of all your toys and then get to work!
If you want more info you can get her free ebook at

They other two classes were on mentoring scholar groups and real vs ideal in you not them. I learned valuable things from both of them: just get started, do something, boys really "get into" scholar when then are 14, simulations are key ( $100 service )

It is always nice to go and pick up new ideas and new vision and keep on going to reach our family goals.


  1. Wow girl! You have been a busy bee!I love the blog makeover. Thanks for sharing your thoughts with the world, you have inspiring visions which motivate me to try new things.

  2. I bought the "teaching boys" lecture - it's waiting for me to download - I'm even more exited to listen to it now. I loved Andrew Goft as well. So inspiring! Thanks for sharing some of what you learned.