Apr 23, 2010


I was inspired by some friends of mine, and some books that I am reading that I want to become more feminine.
Back in the olden days girls wore dresses...even not so olden days, like when my mother was a girl...and that was only 50 years ago btw, girls always wore dresses. My mother had to wear a dress to school every day and jeans were only for working in the yard....I even am old enough to remember the days when we were not allowed to wear shorts to school and that was less than twenty years ago, btw :)
I presented this idea to my lovely daughters and they are all for it. We have spent all of our extra spending money for this month on our library (see previous post) so we are waiting until next month to go and get some dresses that are appropriate for romping about long enough and durable enough to feed goats, clean our chicken coops and weed the garden...we may end up sewing alot of skirts but I am really excited to feel more like a woman.
So if you see us all wandering around in dresses...we are not going any place special just appealing to our more feminine side....Hey, why don't you join us! Lets bring back our proper place in the world and be more like our mothers and grandmothers were...soft and supple and lovely every just can't look frumpy if your going to put a skirt on.


  1. My girls started wearing skirts every day and now they have me hooked too. I bought four pretty summer skirts this month. I wear them every time we have a warm day and they are so much more comfortable than pants! No more pulling, pinching, hiking and adjusting my jeans! I need a few more long skirts and some leggings to wear with them for next winter so I don't freeze to death but I love my skirts!

  2. Okay Julie, we'll join you :-) I love wearing skirts. My girls don't have very many though. Once I'm finished with our library, we'll get started on the clothes :-)

  3. i not like the idea at first but it is verry nise