Apr 15, 2010

The Library

The other day as we have been "trying" to work on our environment and to get rid of things that are distractions to us I began thinking...I know something scary always happens when I think.
I was thinking about my front know that room that you always keep clean on the off-chance that someone might actually come over to your house and you want someplace to be clean..yea, that room. I was thinking about our front room. It is a nice size room and we put wood floor in about a year ago and the paint needs a little touch up and the window screens need replaced but for the most part I enjoy this room. But I started thinking (the scary part) that it is kind of useless. My visiting teachers have not come to my home for three months...even longer for the home teachers. We never use the room as a family....even when others come over we always go to the living room.
So basically I have a room that is rightly called the "front" room because it is a front....a room that is a projection of what I want the world to see...clean, neat, orderly,...useless!

I got this crazy idea in my head (actually I got the idea in my head from our new piano teachers home) that we should make that room into a library. We went to ikea and bought bookshelves and bought a couch and over conference weekend we made a library.

We then bought two chairs and a soft rug and some nice curtains and moved one of the widow seat benches up from down stairs and now I have a liber room. A room that encourages learning and growth and freedom...and anyone can use it, and it is never clean, and we even spend our evening hanging out in the front room. We are no longer clean and neat and orderly and dark and away.. we are together and bright. I love it. I said to feels warm to me....He said it's because those lamps you bought put out alot of heat :) Warm is a feeling I want my home to say...welcome, come in, plop down, grab a book.

Actually when I was buying the chairs and rug and lamps I left all the kids home and went shopping on my way home from a meeting. I called them to see if they were okay and they said, yea, we are all just reading in the to a mothers ears!

And if that wasn't enough my bro and sil came over to see the baby goats and she asked to borrow a book...welcome, come in, plop down, grab a book. Love, love love, libraries!


  1. Ps. Some friends came over today and they borrowed a book as well...I guess we might really need to become a library and have a check out list if this keeps up :)...just kidding. I love that people feel like reading right when they walk into my home. It makes me happy

  2. I love it! I only wish our library was bigger but it works.