Apr 13, 2010

Why I'm so "weird"

okay, okay...this is not a picture of me....My "weird-ness" has not extended to becoming asian. I thought this was a perfect picture for describing my "weird-ness"...because I truly do have a picture of myself and my cousin looking exactly like this when we were in college. And we went like this on a date with two nice young men who shall remain namless so they do not have to re-live the "weird-ness"

Really I was pondering lately why other people tend to think I am all fairness to other people.....I am weird. But I was thinking about why others think it.
Here is the result of my pondering. I think that people think I am weird because when I see a problem I try to fix it.
When I saw that I could have a different type of family that other people had I decided that I would home school.
When I saw that what I was eating was not healthy for me or my family...for our brains or our bodies I decided that we would change the way we plastics, no preservatives, less meat, no processed food.
When I saw that I needed to stand up for what was right even in the face of opposition I went to my caucus meeting, gave a speech, got elected, visited in my living room with many politicians without makeup on and in my sweats and told them my concerns.
When I saw that my daughter wanted to be in a play I tried out as well and now I have a lead part where I have to sing in front of hundreds of people....I am not that good of a singer!
When I saw that I could get rid of all my toys and teach my children to work I changed my whole life style around...including throwing all the toys away as well as all the "learning" requirements I placed on my children.

I think that sometimes in our society we see a problem and we complain about it, or we blame it on someone else, or we ignore the problem instead of looking at the problem, trying to understand how we are a part of the problem, and them deciding on something to DO to work on fixing the problem (although I do pick "weird" things to Do :) )
Part of the blessing of "seeing" from the Lord is that He gives us the opportunity to "see" and recognize, then repent and make restitution....and then to "become" "become" a part of the solution, to "become" healthy in body and mind, to "become" a better servant to others, to "become" more talented, to "become" involved, to "become" something you didn't intend to become, to "become" more like He is.

I guess my "weird-ness" will continue. Onward, ever onward.


  1. I love people that just do. That must be why you are so inspiring to me! That is so great that you got elected - so typical of you not to say anything about it when I saw you today. Isn't it funny how everyone seems to know the solutions to people's problems, but then they go home and not do anything about it. I have heard several people say lately, "that's so cool you are doing that, I wish I could do that," Why don't they? I don't get that mentality. I love your blog, and your goats, and your library and you. You are awesome.

  2. I love Do-ers. Can you please start coming to park day so you can share more of your weirdness with us?