Apr 23, 2010


I hate laundry! Sometimes I hear people say that Laundry is their favorite household job...crazy! It is obviously not mine. But, a while ago a friend of mine posted on her blog about her new laundry ideas....boiling like they did in the pioneer time as well as hanging clothes up to dry instead of using a drier...crazy!
So I began thinking about it: pro's: longer lasting clothes, less energy consumption, cleaner clothes and one day I went to the store and bought a was like $30 dollars so I figured I could spend 30$ and try it out.
I love laundry! I know...I is that possible? How does hanging laundry up to dry make you like laundry more than drying it in the drier?...doesn't it take more time not less? doesn't it make your jeans stiff? doesn't it drive you cray to have laundry hanging up everywhere?...okay the answer to this last one is yes...but to all the
It is hard to explain so let me sum up..I start a load first thing in the morning, by the time devotional is over and breakfast is cleaned up the washer is done so we troop downstairs and hang it up on the rack our house two kids fold and put away the laundry and two kids retrieve and hang up the laundry, and I do all the hang ups that go on hangers and hang them on a high bar in our laundry roon...and then I will start a second load and we will start doing our family work...about the time we are ready for our school time devotional of the day the second load is done and so we hang that one up. Then I will wash any blankets or sheets or sundrious items..rugs, linens, curtains, etc that I am washing that week and after individual chores are done so is the last load, ready to be hung out to dry. Then I will start one batch in the dryer of the towels and socks...we have decided we enjoy these items dried instead of stiff :) and it takes them about 1/3 of the time to dry as a regular load of laundry.
Other than that I have two racks full of laundry in my bathroom drying my laundry until tomorrow morning it is all done and it is only 10:30 and I didn't feel overwhelmed or bothered nor did I crawl into bed at 11 pm only to crawl back out because I have to unload the drier so I can throw the clothes from the washer into it before they start to have had those days haven't you?
It is a process and just like anything else it takes a little determination but I have not felt frustrated by my laundry for three weeks...and that is a great feeling. Mabey I'll try boiling next :)

ps I should mention that my children do not have clothing in their rooms..other than their church clothes which are hung up. All of my children's laundry is in the laundry room ( and our laundry room/bathroom is not that is more like a hall I believe anyone can do this) We installed some shelves in the closet and gave everyone four clothes, nice shirts, nice pants, pj's and a small bucket for underwear. So it is easy to fold and put away because it is all in the same place....Happy Laundering :)

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  1. my favorite thing about laundry growing up was when it got nice outside we would hang our clothes on our clothing line. Clothes that are dried outside in the summer and fall smell delicious. Try it sometime and see what you think.