Jul 22, 2010

Beautiful Girlhood

I've been mentoring a girls group, age 10 to 13, for the summer. They are a beautiful group of girls, unique, different, smart, talented...I could go on and on.

We've been studying three books:

Beautiful Girlhood, Raising Maiden's of Virtue, and Daughters of God

I've been learning a lot!

Mabey others would like to learn too :)

For June and July we learned about Homemaking

Beautiful Girlhood by Karen Andreola
Raising Maidens of Virtue by Stacy McDonald
Daughters of God by Michael Wilcox
Abigail Adams, girl of Colonial Days Jean Wagoner

June/July Books/Chapters
Beautiful Girlhood Ch 18. Home Life
Raising Maidens of Virtue: Ch 4 Homemade Homemakers & Ch 5 loving your nest
Daughters of God:

Ch 7 Mothers of Israel, Ch 3 mothers of two nations, Ch 8 the women who saved Moses
Abigail Adams

Sister Sharing Time: Good Books to Recommend and Why
Discussion: Difference between a house and a home
Leader Lesson: Club Leadership and Duties
Leader Lesson: Baking Basics...Tools of the Trade (pg 31)
Girl Lesson: Food Pyramid
Breakfast...Hot Cereals, Cold Cereals

Sister Sharing Time: Share your Writings
Discussion: Fathers Roles, Daughters Roles
Leader Lesson: Measuring...liquids, dry, packing, Grinders, Mixers, and By Hand
Girl Lesson: Wheats/ Grains
Breakfasts Mixes: pancakes, muffins, syrups, adding fruit, different wheats

Sister Sharing Time: What is changing YOU for the better
Discussion: Mothers Roles, Sisters Roles
Leader Lesson: Handling Meats and Milks
Girl Lesson: Meats/ Milks
Breakfasts Homemade Yogurt, Eggs...varieties, Breakfast Meats, Cream Cheese's, Buttermilk Ect.

Sister Sharing Time: Talent Showing
Discussion: Submission, Sincerity, and Service
Leader Lesson: Canning...Part One
Girl Lesson: Veggitable
Snacks: salad, snack tray, dressings, popcorn, pretzels

Sister Sharing Time: Goals I've been working towards
Discussion: Abigail Adams
Leader Lesson: Canning...Part Two
Girl Lesson: Fruits
Snacks: Kabob's, Granola Bars, Fruit Dip, Smoothies

For the summer we have been loosely following the 4-H cooking plan. Since I don't use processed foods, and I soak everything I can we have tweeked the recipe's a bit and I use many from other inspiring people like and

Each week we sing and pray and have sister sharing time where we share books, talents, writings, and goals with each other. Then we have a discussion and an activity about a topic from our readings. Then I teach a lesson about cooking and one of the girls teaches us something she has learned about our cooking topic and then we spend and hour and a half cooking.

I have so enjoyed spending time with beautiful girls, their silliness and kindness and helpfulness and willingness to discuss and learn and do. They are a tribute to their beautiful mothers!

Mabey you could find some beautiful girls too...let me know if you do

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