Jul 9, 2010

Silly Girls

My own silly girl :)

Some of my other favorite silly girls

I was a silly girl tonight....just a silly girl.

We painted lips and eyes and cheeks
We giggled and laughed about boys...old and new
We talked about goals and life and parents

I was a silly girl tonight....just a silly girl

We played games
We ate favorites popcorn and salsa..oh and suckers
We milked goats (who does that????)

I was a silly girl tonight....just a silly girl

It made me often do I just need to be a silly about with my own daughters, or my little boys? How often do I just give up a night to do what my kids want to do? When was the last time we pulled out stuff and played?

As I watched these Young Women who are so close to becoming Women...faithful, good, true women...I thought about my own young one who is so close to becoming a Young she ready? Does she know that I love her, that I trust her, that I want her to become a Woman...faithful, good, and true?

I think tomorrow I will be a silly girl....just a silly girl....who wants to be with another silly own silly girl

PS....these pictures are of some silly girls that I love...(Young women who were my sweet Beehive girls and are now grown up into lovely young Laurels). One picture is of a beautiful girl who will soon grow up...please don't do it! :)


  1. Beautiful girls! I love watching my own daughters grow up so much more gracefully than I did myself. So confident and capable. I'm constantly in awe.

  2. OK OK i will try not to grow up i think you wear not a silly girl the next day:)

  3. I remember when I used to tell Mom I would never grow up and be a teenager, but I did. I was a different teenager than my other siblings, and made my share of mistakes, but I do think that I did okay.