Jul 24, 2010

Savior of the World Act 1 Scene 1.1

A while ago I mentioned that I, moo and hub are all in a play.
The play is the Savior of the World.

For those who have not seen the play; it is a story of Jesus' birth and ressurection.
Hub is a shepherd, I am Mary's mother, and Moo is Anna, Mary's sister.

We started practicing back in May...yep May. The performance is in October...yep October. They asked us when we auditioned to make a commitment. A commitment that we would be at EVERY practice once a week for 2 hours May to October...okay, they said 90% commitment, but still. That is quite a commitment for a mom and dad of 4 young children.

But, I don't feel picked on. Nope. Not even a little bit. I love it....not the glamour of show biz, not the getting out of the house once a week, not performing, not singing in front of people, not impromptu acting. I LOVE all the things I have been learning about relationships and about myself and about the Lord.

For example
Act 1 Scene 1.1 This is Zacharias and know the story.....she's barren, he works at the temple, but has not been chosen to enter the holy place in the temple....then they recieve a miracle....a lot chosen, a son conceived.

My insight:
How beautiful are the Lord's plans. Two people, a husband and a wife, both struggling with feeling worthy before the Lord, with feeling loved by the Lord, with a social disgrace, with a great challenge, with a loss of a great blessing from the Lord. What a merciful Father we have to let two people suffer together. Suffer through grief, regret, loss...together. How great their sorrow must have been.
And then, AND THEN, to let them experience a miracle together. He is chosen to burn the incense and sees an angel, she is chosen to bear the child who will prepare for way for the Lord. They both receive the righteous desires of their hearts. How great their joy must have been.
It never occured to me before that this suffering and this joy must have made their relationship so much stronger. As I have been studying about marriage, and my role lately, this truly was beautiful to me. The Lord in His wisdom allowed them to learn patience and wisdom and gratitude and sacrifice and hope and then gave them the gift of having a son...not just any son, a son who would lead the people to the Messiah, a son who fullfilled prophecy, a son who would Baptize the Son of God.

They sing a beautiful song together about waiting on the Lord and their desires to trust in Him and to turn their wishes and their hearts over to Him. Everytime I hear the song it stirs those same desires within me. My favorite line is from Zacharias....I'll give God forever, but not to do my will. Give my plans and give my dreams. Give up all my lofty schemes. I'll give God forever and then give one day more. Giving Him forever means I'll wait and watch and see.....We still trust in the Lord, that He will fulfill His promises, in His due time.

How many plans and dreams and lofty schemes do I need to give up? There are a few....I'm sure I'll find many more. But when I do His will and turn my hope and love over to Him I can find hope and peace and patience and gratitude just as Zacharias and Elizabeth did. My hub and I have been trying to have more children for over 2 years now. I understand a bit of waiting and watching and seeing...only a little bit, but I also understand that it is in His hands. That He knows and He blesses and He gives according to His will which is perfect. I can trust in that.

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