Jul 26, 2010

Savior of the World Act 1 Scene 1.3

In this scene Joseph's uncle Micham comes to arrange the marriage between Mary and Joseph. As you can imagine it is an emotion filled scene...excitement, worry, nervousness.

I personally think arranged marriages are a great idea. Ofcourse that might be because I am a parent :). I might feel differently if I was 16.

During this scene I get to visit with Mary about her concerns to be married. I get to remind her that I was once betrothed and then I sing her a song.

"Ask God all your questions
Tell him all your fears
Thank Him for His mercy
And wait with open ears.

Listen as He answers
Hear the voice so still,
Let the Spirit's whipser
Teach how to do His will
Then go and do His will."

Beautiful words and Beautiful advice for any mother to give to her daughter, a daughter about to be married, or a daughter about to do something out of her comfort zone, or a daughter with a question.

This song reminds me of how to pray....we thank, we ask, we ponder, we wait, we tell the Lord the feelings of our heart, we ask for his help in finding the answers.

This song reminds me of how to feel and recognize the spirit....we listen, it is a still voice, a whisper. It teaches us. Then we must do what he tell us to do.

I believe I should take all of my questions to the Lord. He has all the answers, why would I take my questions anywhere else. What a treasure for a mother to teach to her daughter. That mother doesn't have the answers, that God has the answers. That sisters don't have the answers, that God has the answers. That friends don't have the answers, that God has the answers. And that when we listen, queitly-with a heart willing to hear and do, we receive His answers.

My two favorite lines that I get to perform are in this scene with Mary. I say, " I think it's good to wonder a litlle about yourself, if you will be true to the covenants you're going to make. But we need never wonder about the Lord.

It is good to wonder about ourselves....part of this is humility, part of it is the fact that none of us are perfect and will make mistakes so we should wonder it we are being and doing all that we should be becoming and doing. BUT we don't need to wonder about the Lord. And if we have received His words by asking our questions and by listening to His words then we don't need wonder. We can have His peace and His confidence.

My second favorite line is after I sing. We embrace and then Mary begins to leave and I say, "And Mary....I have never wondered about you." This makes me cry every time I say it. Because I think of my own daughter and how much a mother loves and trusts her daughter. Another beautiful thing for a mother to teach her daughter. And what a tribute to Mary. What an exceptional person Mary must have been to have her mother say...I have never wondered about you. I believe it was not just lip service. I believe that Mary must have been an exceptional woman to be chosen to be the mother of the Son of God. I believe of all women who have ever lived on earth Mary and Eve were exceptionally valiant and noble, and I believe Mary's mother did not worry about her making good decisions. I want to be that kind of a daughter of God.

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