Jul 30, 2010


Okay....are you sick of the "girly" stuff yet :)

Lest you think I am completely ignoring my boys. I recently was made a Bear Scout Leader and so I have been busily putting together a schedule for my son to get his Bear

Don't love scouts, don't love the "boy" thing...I'm much better at girls

Do love MY scout, do love spending time with my son....I'm good at academic pins and belt loops

Scout Schedule.....for the parents....till February (It's a good start)

August Faithful people night...Schneersohn's, M L King,
Mother Teresa, Dalai Lama, Pres. Monson
List of things to do this week to be faithful...check off and bring back...treat
Faith in God requirements review...bring books
Play kickball outside 15a and Belt Loop and Pin
explain rules to leader
play 30 minutes
pitch, kick, run, catch, throw
explain base running
explain positions
help set up the kickball field
play 5 games of kickball***

August (treat) America is special
write a poem about what makes America special to you
**learn about two famous American's
citizenship discussion....list of three things to do this week to be a good citizen...treat
learn about two older homes in the neighborhood
Play croquet outside 15a

August Family Field Trip: Visit two old homes in your city

September (treat) State's...Pick a state, learn about it's bird, tree, flower, flag, statehood
See a back issue or almanac of the day you were born, 5, July 20, 1969
Drop off and Pick up at the City Library

September Pack Meeting flag ceremony...tell 2 people at scouts they did a good job 24

September Tall Tales Telling
play tall tales where tall tales happened
which one is your favorite?
Play tetherball outside 15a

September Bird watching..binnoculars
Read a book about birds
Wildlife Jobs
Animals that are extinct
take pictures for next time
Physical Fitness Stretches at Park...curl ups, long jump, push ups 16a
Drop off and Pick up at City Park...south end next to city library

September Family Field Trip visit the zoo, nature center, aviary, refuge

October Visit from old cub scout
scrapbook page a scout scrapbook
write a newspaper article about a scout activity for the scrapbook page 18g
talk about journals....keep one for 2 weeks...treat
respect for the past and for elderly people
crab relay, gorilla relay 16c

October Pack Meeting

October (treat) Visit from Bro& Sis M first aid 11
kangaroo relay, 30 yard dash 16c

October Write a thankyou note to M and old scout
Write a story about something your family has done
Talk about honesty
make oatmeal cookies 9a
Talk about resourcefullness...ingredience 21g
dicusss junk food...list 9f

October Family Field Trip Fire Safety Month...check out local fire stations for events

November Make for family one for friend to pack meeting 18d
Learn to play soccer 23a
Make Spaghetti 9

November Pack Meeting

November Leadership Lesson 24e
Learn to play Basketball
Make Potatoes and Veggies 9

November Compassion Lesson 24f
Learn to play Volleyball
Make a Dessert 9

November Family Field Trip to City Heritage Museum...8e

December Go Bowling

December Pack Meeting
Christmas Break

January Write down activities for two weeks (treat)
pinhole planetariums(3)
model rocket
talk about satellite' made & natural
other planets...difference and similarities

January Pack Meeting

January (treat)Homemade Scout Band
Homemade Instruments
Play Instruments
talent Show...
Name that tune

January Gym Day
balance board
running long jump
tire walk
3 toss games
climbing rope

January Field Trip.. Planetarium

February Map's state touching borders
Find city or town
time zones
make a map to home
mark a map...somewhere you'd like to go 50 miles away

February Pack Meeting
February Indian Lore
Learn about Indians
Build a model of their homes
Play 2 Indian Games

February Magic Tricks
February Field Trip: University of Utah Museum of Natural History...Indian Artifacts.

Other Activities if have extra time: Ride Right
15c...explain how to play a new game with den
16b two person contests
17b game of charades

This personally is my own list of additional things I will be working on with my scout

July Family Travel
Make a list of things to take on a 3 day trip
Figure cost and miles to go to a it, mark it
Research 5 places you'd like to go on vacation...tell your family
Keep a journal of your trip
Play a game while traveling in the car
Review the guide to safe scouting...conduct a motor vehicle check list
Look up a travel web site

August Reading and Writing
Electric Plant Field Trip...FG
identify two constellations
write letter to Brit and Jake
swimming lessons
nature crafts
weed garden, pick up liter
plan and help with north side of house
garage sale
leave no trace
get a library card
Check out books and return books on your card for this month
Write a short story read it to your family
Keep a diary for one week
Locate parts of a book
Read a book to children
Explain difference in books...biography, autobiography, fiction, non fiction
Make a bookmark
Read an article in a newspaper of magazine
write a poem and read it to your family
write a report about something your interested in
create a pretend alphabet and explain it to your family

September Nutrition
Field trip to the burn plant, recycling plant
Plant a tree
Family bike ride
model at park in sand of river, trees, canyon, etc.
Shoping, read labels on canned items, explain what you learn to family
Shop for car
Talk about how we spend money
Figure meal cost
Learn about Indians who lived here
Play 2 native America games
Make an indian shelter model
Library...list of books, why you liked, owned or borrowed, organizing
Nutrition: Poster of good foods for you...vitamins and minerals in to den, what is a fruit, what is a veggie, eat one of each, make a healthy meal at home, list of diseases from not eating healthy , plan breakfast lunch and dinner for a week, make two healthy snacks, Help with garden.

October Disabilities Awareness
Weather monitor....thermometer, rain guage, weather vane
Learn about clouds, learn about barometer and relative humidity
Watch weather for 2 weeks...symbols and correctness
Field trip to tv or radio station
write a letter thanking company for the field trip
Grow in a greenhouse
Visit with someone who has disabilities, attend an event with disabled people, make a poster about disabilities, explain the way people move who have disabilities...try crutches, wheelchairs, scooters, etc. sign the cub scout promise and motto, read a book about a person with disabilities, read about a famous person with disabilities and tell your family about it, for 2 hours be disabled, volunteer to help a disabled person, take a meal to an elderly person,

November...Good Manners and Collecting
watch sport on TV
Ride in an airplane
Photography1 object in the sun, side light, back light, shade, cloudy, mount, gift...take pictures, with flash in house, without flash in house, parts of a camera, benefits of photography in modern art, take 10 pictures, Explain what photography is and how you use light, look at a photography book, good, bad and why, what is red eye, make a short video, use a picture to make an art project, take 3 pictures of same thing with different lenses, visit an art exhibit,
map stuff pg 270
Good Manners....make a poster, Introduce two people politely, meet someone new, introduce self, shake hands, use polite language, yes mom, yes dad, please thank you, your welcome, talk to den about good manners, disuss table manners, talk about and practice good phone manners, good sportsmanship rules and practice with a family game, 5 rules to being polite and respectful in a public place
Collect 10 items, display your collection
Visit a museum collection
Read a book about what you collect
Visit an online auction for items you collect
Create a method for organizing your collection
Explain what numismatics, and philately mean

December: Art
Build a model airplane and fly it
Art projects...Art projects...wire, silhouette, acrylic, watercolor, collage, mosaic, clay,...favorite outdoor location
paper mache masks, paper sack masks of animal or clown

January: Recycling
recycle paper for a month
Water conservation
Energy uses
Go shopping

Other ideas if time: (or if the King (dad) wants to get involved)
plan out your new kitchen
see a model on display?
Team Individual skating?
radio? Dad?
Electricity? Dad?
invent something that goes? Dad?
fix appliance? Dad?
clean drain trap? Dad?
Repair job? Dad?
Video Games?
Learn about rating systems
make a schedule for when you can play video games...follow the schedule
play a new game approved by your parent
save to buy a video game
compare gaming systems
play a video game with your family
play a game that teaches you math,spelling, typing, etc

This is a list of all the academic pins and belt loops they can earn. Some count for both pins and loops as well as Webelo stuff. I told you I'm good at academic pins and belt loops

Art, artist
Astronomy, scientist
Chess, scholar
Citizenship, citizen
Collecting, Cub, Tiger
Communicating, communicator
Computers, communicator
Disabilities Awareness, Cub, Tiger
Family Travel, cub, tiger
Geography, traveler
Geology, geologist
Good Manners, cub, tiger
Heritages, family member
Language and Culture, scholar
Map and Compass, traveler
Mathematics, scholar, engineer
Music, showman
Nutrition, cub, tiger
Pet Care,
Photography, cub, tiger
Reading and Writing, Cub, Tiger
Science, scientist
Video Games, cub, tiger
Weather, scientist
Wildlife Conservation naturalist

They also have a Cub Scout Sports Program....but like I said I'm not into "boy" stuff

Doing my duty to God and my country, to help other people (the primary president), and to obey the laws of the pack (welllll...most of the time )

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  1. You have some great ideas going on there. Good luck with all of it. I'm over scouting right now at it is interesting to watch all the different ideas that my den leaders come up with.

    The academic pins and belt loops are my favorite also!!! : )