Jul 24, 2010

Mothers and Sisters

A list of your strengths.

What do you want to be when you grow up? doctor, vet, dancer

How will those strength help you to be that?

What do the scriptures teach us that we are to be?
…...Proberbs 31:10-12
…...Timothy 5:14

What does the Lord want you to be when you grow up? wife, and mother

How will your strengths help you to be a wife and mother?

Why do we have chores?....LEARN TO BE A MOTHER
Why are you a sister?....LEARN TO BE A MOTHER
Why are you learning to cook?....LEARN TO BE A MOTHER

Mothers Roles
Chief Confidante
Shares her hope and every fear
(if you can't tell your mother about doing it, then you shouldn't be doing it)
sort out all your troubles by your mothers side
Girls should welcome mother's advice

Sisters Roles
Guide, pattern, unlimited influence
Kiss away the bumps and bruises of heads and hearts
mends broken dolls
pops corn makes pancakes
tells wonderful stories
picks up after them
companion to every one

Which of your strenghts are you using right now in your home?

What did I learn?
A good mother is:
Keepers at home
obedient to husband
loving to their children

My nieces were in my home, they didn't want to help with chores. My little one said...Why not, chores help you learn how to be a mommy. So sweet. Everything I am an teaching is to help my girls learn how to be mommies. That is what they are meant to be, Mommies and Wifes. This is truly what the Lord wants us to be.

So, why do we have a back-up plan? Why do we teach our little girls that they can be and do anything? Because they can? Is that really a good enough reason to let them miss out on the most important lesson. That they can and should be a wife and a mother.

A man who wants to be an astronaught doesn't go to auto mechanic's classes, just in case it doesn't work out to be a astronaught. If a girl wants to be a wife and mother she should devote her time and attention to those things, not to her "just in case" plan---or even worse her "I'll be and do everything" and then worry about being a wife and a mother "if" that happens.

Now, this is not to de-mean mothers getting an education or thinking they only need to learn cooking, cleaning, decorating, and child care. In fact I recently retired from working. My boss said to me after the third time of trying to get me to change my mind "but what are you going to do with your brain?"....apparently he likes my brain so I'll choose to take it as a complement. BUT do we in society really think that it doesn't take any brains to be a mother and a wife? I have to organize, re-structure, problem solve, strategize, think outside the box, plan ahead, goal set, time management AS WELL creative, flexible, patient, understanding, sympathetic, purposeful. NOT TO MENTION...teaching my kids everything they NEED to know and everything they WANT to know, inspiring, instructing , persuading , inviting. AND tobe guided, taught, inspired, instructed and have my brain shut down for a few hours at night. Actually I stopped working so I can devote ALL of my brain to my most important roles WIFE and MOTHER.

Now, I also do not want to de-mean women who have a career or who are un-married or who do not have children. They are not any less of a woman because of life circumstances or decisions and I have many friends who fall into these categories whom I love and cherish WHY? Because they teach and create and are patient, and problem solvers, and inviting and inspired and all the things that I am because they are a woman too, even if they are not a wife or a mother or if they have a career.

However, I want to teach my daughter what her true role is and help her learn how to do it. And then if she needs a back up plan I have faith that the Lord will bless her with one...but my job is to teach her to be a wife and a mother.

Heritage Notebook Quotes:

Add sunshine to the dullest day with just a smile.
Erase a hurt with a gentle kiss.
And set things right with a the briefest touch.
Her love continually makes this world
a happier place to be

A little hug goes a long way. Jelly jars make great vases
Dandelions are beautiful. There's no place like home.
Every drawing is a work of art
Little voices go a long way if you really listen
Bedtime stories stay in your heart forever
Sometimes just one cookie before dinner isn't all that bad.
Love is something you never outgrow.

Other Resources: Mothers Who Know
BYU Women's Conference...Sister Beck talk


Stir in ¼ cup of buttermilk per quart of milk....Set out on counter for atleast 9-12 hours. Then refrigerate. Milk will be creamy

Stir in 2 Tbs of plain yogurt for each quart of milk. Set in cooler of hot water that covers the quart up to the lid. Let set for 12 hours. Then refirgerate. To thicken yogurt use 1 tsp arrowroot powder when mixing in yogurt. Flavor with fruit or stevia

Cream Cheese and Whey
Hang yogurt in a towel over a bowl for 12 to 24 hours. The yogurt in the cloth will become cream cheese. The yogurt in the bowl will be whey.

We also made different kinds of eggs and breakfast meats...but I figured you didn't need those recipes' :)

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