Jul 27, 2010

Beautiful Girlhood...Cheerful Chapters

The outline for the rest of the summer

July/August Books/Chapters
Beautiful Girlhood Ch. 8 A Sunny Disposition
Raising Maidens of Virtue: Ch 11 The cheerful voice of hospitality
Daughters of God: Ch. 12 Women of devotion and understanding Ch 17 More Precious than Rubies and Ch. 23 Three women who loved Jesus
Book: Helen Keller

Sister Sharing Time: Good Books to Recommend
Discussion What is a Sunny Disposition...Beautiful Girlhood Chapter
Leader Lesson: Safety in the Kitchen
Girl Lesson: Germs
Dinner Mexican...making tortillas, beans, rice, churritos pg 54

Sister Sharing Time: Share your writings
Discussion: Serving with Joy and Ease....Raising Maidens of Virtue
Leader Lesson:Cooking Terminology (pg 30)
Girl Lesson: reheating leftovers
Dinner Italian....making noodles, sauces, breads

Sister Sharing Time What has changed YOU for the better lately
Discussion: Lesson's from Martha and Mary...Daughters of God
Leader Lesson: Freezing / Thawing Food
Leader Lesson: Marinading
Girl Lesson: bringing the meal all together tips
Dinner Freezer Meals

Sister Sharing Time: Talent Showing
Discussion: Helen Keller
Leader Lesson: When the power is out, Meal Planning
Girl Lesson: How to cook without electricity
Dinners Casseroles

Sister Sharing Time: Goals I've been working towards
Discussion: Nature Walk...beauties God has given us to help us be cheerful
Leader Lesson: Multiplying and Dividing
Girl Lesson: Sugars
Treats Homemade Ice Cream Thailand Watermellon pg 52

End of Summer Social: Cooking Demostration by Girls

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